These are the rules of the game

  1. Each participant must register to upload results. See the Data Formats section of the Documentation page for information on the upload format.
  2. Results can only be uploaded once every 24h.
  3. To win, you must outperform the baseline model. The description of the baseline model is provided to the participants at the beginning of the competition. See the Baseline Model section of the Documentation page for details. The model will then not be updated throughout the competition.
  4. Should no participant beat the baseline model, no winners will be announced.
  5. At the end of the competition (August 15th 2019), the two top-ranked participants will be given 1 week (until August 22nd 2019) to submit a brief description of their algorithms. The solutions will be checked for plagiarism and for possible test set leakage.
  6. Upon successful check, the two top-ranked participants will be deemed winners and receive their prize.

In the case of a draw

  1. Should two or more top-ranked participants have the same final score, we will require the participants to submit their algorithms. This is to check that no plagiarism has occured.
  2. The algorithms will be tested on an expanded test set which includes a larger number of stellar-spots and gaussian noise to determine the winning one among them.

Multiple accounts policy

Multiple accounts registered in the same participant’s name are not allowed as they can violate the one-submission-a-day rule. When such occurrences are detected, the participant will be contacted to select one of their accounts to keep and the remaining will be deleted. Participants who don’t cooperate with this will have all their accounts deleted.

Collaboration/team submissions policy & Sharing the award

Team submissions are allowed, but the prize amount will be split among the team.

  1. Once the competition closes, the registered team member will be contacted by the organisers. They will be asked if this is an individual or a team entry and – in the latter case – to provide us with the contact details of all team members.

  2. We will check that the other team members have not submitted solutions to the competition. Note that it is fine if other team members have also registered with different accounts, provided they did not submit any solutions, as doing so could violate the one-submission-a-day rule for the team. In the latter case the team will be disqualified. If not then all team members will be named winners of the competition and contacted again to decide whether:

(i) The ECML-PKDD 2019 registration for 1 designated member of the team will be covered OR

(ii) The amount equivalent to an ECML-PKDD 2019 Standard Registration fee before August 31 (i.e. 590 €) will be split among all team members

Reasons for disqualification

In case of plagiarism, test set leakage, failure to produce a description of the solution when requested or to conform with the multiple accounts or the team submissions policies, a participant will be disqualified and the next-in-rank participant will be considered in their place.