Ariel Data Analysis Challenge

Welcome to the Ariel Data Analysis Challenge. The Ariel Space mission is a European Space Agency mission to be launched in 2028. Ariel will observe the atmospheres of 1000 extrasolar planets - planets around other stars - to determine how they are made, how they evolve and how to put our own Solar System in the gallactic context. You can find our press release here.

Data Analysis

In preparation to the Ariel Red Book, we run this data analysis challenge to compare the efficiency of different data analysis practices on simulated Ariel data. The aim is to optimise the steps of the Ariel data analysis pipeline towards minimising the uncertainty of the final data products, as well as the total execution time. Find out more!

The Prize!

Eternal gratitude ... or a bottle of wine.

Many thanks to...

Special thanks go to the Ariel data analysis and the Ariel simulations working groups and in particular, Subhajit Sarkar, Anreas Papageorgiou, Enzo Pascale, Ingo Waldmann and Angelos Tsiaras. Also many thanks to the ExoAI team for helpful input and of course the Ariel team for technical and financial support and building the space mission in the first place!

Any questions or something gone wrong? Contact us at: exoai.ucl [at]

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