The Task

It's any easy one! You need to produce final data products - i.e. to estimate the transit depth as a function of wavelength, the mid-transit time, the orbital inclination and the orbital semimajor axis relatively to the stellar radius. You will need to provide a model pipeline that includes a number of mandatory steps, in addition to any others proposed. These mandatory steps are:

  • light-curve extraction with: jitter correction, and PSF estimation, and
  • light-curve fitting, with: exposure-integrated models, limb-darkening modelling, orbital parameters estimation, and multi-wavelength fitting.
Your aim is to optimise the steps of the pipeline towards minimising the uncertainty on the transit depth estimation, and also minimising the total execution time.

To be able to compare the results, we require a specific choice of wavelength binning - corresponding to the ARIEL TIER-2 resolution. For details on the required parameters have a look in this parameters explanation file.

Once you have completed the challenge, you need to upload a single txt file with 6 columns and 58 rows, followed by a hashtag(#) and your comments on the execution time and the system used (OS, CPU, RAM), as shown in this model upload file.

If you are ready, go to the Upload page to upload your results!